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6 Times Powerball Jackpot Winners Enriched Charities With Their Big Wins

It’s not uncommon for Powerball jackpot winners to explore enriching the lives of others via charities and non-profit organizations.

What good would you do in the world if you were to win a Powerball jackpot? Sure, you’ll dream of paying off bills, buying a new home, and helping family members with their finances. But you might also have a few charitable organizations in mind who would benefit from a surge in funds. Several Powerball winners have felt the same way. And here are a few times other Powerball jackpot winners enriched charities with their big wins.

1. One Woman Donates to Girls, Inc. and End 68 Hours of Hunger

A Powerball winner in New Hampshire, who successfully chose to remain anonymous, donated $50 million of her $559.9 million jackpot to charity. She took the lump sum payout of $352 million. And while she did spend some of her money, she also stroked checks totaling $249,000 to Girls, Inc. and the End 68 Hours of Hunger organizations.

2. The Callum Foundation

A Redfield, Iowa, Powerball winner donated half a million of her $350 jackpot to a veterans group. Lerynne West started The Callum Foundation, a non-profit intended to provide grants for education, poverty, hunger, animal welfare, and the VA. She interviewed with Ellen DeGeneres to share more information about the foundation and its charitable works, including its first grant of $500,000 to the Travis Mill Foundation, a rehab center for veterans and families.

3. Faith-Based Charitable Works

A Corpus Christi woman who didn’t win the Powerball jackpot, but did win a $150,000 prize, also wanted to contribute to a worthwhile cause. She extended her gift-giving through the charitable work her church provided. She even bought a fellow member a new car as a gift. Churches like this one are known to help local residents with everything from utility bill payments, rides to healthcare, food donations, and clothing.

4. American Cancer Society

This well-known organization specializes in providing resources to those afflicted with cancers and providing support to their families during the trying times. One Powerball winner, whose ticket netted her $1 million, decided to share her newfound wealth with ACS.

5. The Jack Whittaker Foundation

When Jack Whittaker took home his lump-sum payment of $170.5 million, he wanted to do something charitable. As the owner of three construction companies, he was already a wealthy West Virginia man. So, when he won another windfall of cash, he established The Jack Whittaker Foundation. The intentions of the non-profit would focus on supporting quality education efforts in the state, as well as providing funding to charities operated by the faith-based entity, the Church of God.

6. Mentorship Program for Women

The Smith family of Trenton, New Jersey, told reporters it was “divine intervention” that led to their $429.6 million Powerball jackpot win. The numbers they chose hadn’t been representative of any significant birthdays or iconic dates. While overjoyed with their big win, the family shared plans for the sizable windfall. Smith and her adult children planned to continue running their mentoring program for young women. “It’s been a struggle to get funding,” they said. Now their jackpot can ensure they continue their efforts in providing mentorship and support for young women in the community.

These inspirational instances are just a few of the times Powerball winners used their good fortunes and jackpot wins to give back. And the IRS outlines specific tax breaks for those who donate to qualified charitable organizations, providing additional incentives for winners to do something noble with their winnings. Which organizations would you consider donating to upon winning? Are there non-profits you hold near and dear? Get your tickets and keep playing. Your chance to donate big could be just a game away!