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For one woman, it was possible for her to win $1 million dollars with a non-winning Powerball ticket. Here’s how.

When you buy a Powerball ticket, you hope that your numbers match, even if only partially. The allure of winning big is great. But even smaller prize-winning amounts can be substantial life-changers, considering the various combinations to win and Power Play multipliers at play. But when you realize you don’t hold the winning ticket, your hopes and dreams can sometimes be dashed. For one woman in South Carolina, she found a silver lining with her non-winning Powerball ticket, though. And she is a firm believer in second chances now since that losing Powerball play still ended up winning her $1 million.

The Bonus Match Second-Chance Promotion

As reported by local news in St. Stephen, South Carolina, one woman proves second chances can happen to anyone. Choosing to remain anonymous, the woman detailed how she took her non-winning Powerball ticket and entered into a special promotion for a second-chance drawing worth $1 million to the winner. Her entry was one of 800,000 entered, and hers was the lucky ticket selected. Officials said they contacted her while she was at work to share the incredible news. Of the 20 some losing tickets she had entered, it only took one to be worth $1 million. “I had forgotten all about it,” the woman said and shared how she began crying and screaming with joy, having received the news.

Powerball’s Double Play

Others can get in on the second-chance drawing action with their non-winning Powerball tickets, too. This new add-on feature to the existing Powerball game allows players in certain participating regions another chance to match their numbers. The separate drawing applies the same numbers, and top prizes could be upwards of $10 million. It only costs $1 per play to add the Double Play drawing to your ticket. And those second-chance drawings are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.

Power Play & Double Play

Powerball players will choose one set of numbers for the original game. At the time of purchase, they can also opt-in for the Double Play, should their numbers not match the original drawing. Powerball players can also purchase the Power Play multiplier for their original game, too. However, the multiplier will not apply to the Double Play drawing prizes. The number selection process is the same. You’ll just have two drawings to hopefully try to match!

What States Offer Double Play

Not all Powerball states offer the Double Play Feature. Right now, 14 separate Powerball regions do allow the Double Play add-on, including this woman’s home state of South Carolina. If you live in Colorado, Indiana, Florida, Maryland, Missouri, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Dakota, Washington, or Tennessee, you will get the option to play that second-chance Powerball drawing. Even those in Puerto Rico have Double Play.

Other Second-Chance Winners

Not all Double Play winners will be $1 million winners, but a prize amount of any size from a non-winning Powerball ticket is a welcome one! A Temple Hills, MD man won $14,000. Several winners came forward to collect their $1,000 prizes in Maryland, as well. And another Washington D.C. man claimed a $6,000 second-chance prize. According to other D.C. Lottery listings, there were several other sizable prize amounts awarded in recent years.

So, when you buy your Powerball ticket, with hopes and dreams of huge payouts, don’t forget about Double Play options. If you’re playing in one of those aforementioned jurisdictions for an extra dollar, you can give yourself a second chance to win. Who knows? You might be just as lucky as the South Carolina woman whose non-winning Powerball ticket proved to be worth its weight in gold!