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Do you play the same lottery numbers week on week?

There are many ways that players choose their lottery numbers and most mix them up for every draw. But there are some players who will only play the same numbers each and every tine they play the lottery.

Why Do We Play the Same Lottery Numbers?

Why is that? One reason is that most of these players will pick numbers based on the birthday of family members. So if mom was born on December 6, 1959, dad on June 23, 1952, and little Tommy on September 13, 1983, then the numbers used might be 6, 13, 23, 52, 59, and 83, but 83 is higher than a number that could be chosen, so they add 8 and 3 together to 11, making the combination pick 6, 11, 13, 23, 52, 59, and for a bonus number, 9 for the 9th month of the year, September. That is just one combination that can me made from their birth dates. Other numbers could be used or created from number combos through day, month, year, and age, or dates and times of anniversaries, weddings, and other life events.

All right, so now we have our number combination(s) to play for each draw. But what is the advantage of playing the same set of numbers over and over again for each and every draw? Well the disadvantage is that every single number for every single draw has the exact same chance of being selected or not through blower balls or Random Number Generators. So playing the same numbers or different numbers for each draw does not increase your odds or probability of winning any prize, or not winning any prize.

But the advantage is that that regular number combination you play every draw eventually will come up and you will win the jackpot, guaranteed! Yes absolutely one hundred percent guaranteed. However, it could happen on the next draw, or the draw to take place in the year 2156! Although every possible lottery number combination will eventually come up, when it will happen is unknown.

So even though your numbers will be drawn some day, the odds of it being drawn now or in your lifetime are quite remote. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t an advantage to playing the same set of numbers for every draw. For instance, you never need to go through the process of picking numbers all the time or having the lottery terminal generate your lottery ticket numbers for you. You are playing numbers that mean something to you and hopefully are lucky for you. And with some lotteries, if you buy your tickets online, you can purchase your tickets for upcoming draws in a package or combination set. And of course, you know your number combination off by heart and can always buy tickets if you are out and about and decide to get some tickets at a gas station or grocery store.

So to recap, every single number has the exact same chance to be drawn. Therefore every single ticket number combination has the exact same chance of winning a prize. So, mathematically theoretical, playing the same numbers over and over does not give you any advantage of winning the jackpot over picking numbers at random or using the Quick Pick method at the retailer.

But some lottery winners swear by the playing the same combination method. Their belief is that by using numbers personal to them and their family, fate might swing their way and a jackpot win could be in their future. There is no reason to doubt that if you play the same numbers over and over that fate might shine on you.