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The Top 10 Ways To Pick Your Numbers For The Lottery

There are lots of ways to select your lottery numbers.

Here are the top ten ways that lottery players select their numbers for each draw:

  1. Randomly – This is usually the top choice for players to pick their lottery numbers. Using a random method lets “the universe” decide what numbers you should play. Some players use dice by rolling one die for single numbers and two dies for two digit numbers. Others write all the lottery numbers on small pieces of paper and pull them out one by one from a bowl or container to get the amount of numbers they need.. Some others write numbers on little ping balls and either pull them randomly from a container, spread them out on the floor and have small children retrieve the balls they like, or get their dog to bring them the balls.
  2. Birthdays and Anniversaries – Most other people use birthday and anniversary dates to get their lottery numbers. By mixing up the days, months, and years to what makes sense to them, they get their list of numbers that are highly personal and hopefully most likely to win.
  3. Lucky – There are players who use lucky numbers from their horoscope, fortune cookies, or other places or things to choose their lottery numbers. Some sure to always select numbers with a 7 in them as 7 is considered the luckiest number of all.
  4. Quick Pick – Having the computer pick the numbers for each ticket is quick and convenient and can be done right at the retailer. You are letting chance take over and hopefully be in your favour.
  5. Previously Drawn – You can always use numbers from previous draws that you think might make good numbers for the next draw.
  6. Most Drawn – One method some people use is to scour the history of winning numbers for a particular draw and playing the numbers that have been drawn the most in the history of the lottery.
  7. Dream – A lot of players use numbers that appear in their dreams for their lottery selections. They could see an image of a lottery ticket with the numbers on it, a chalkboard with numbers on it, or numbers that just randomly appear in the dream but seem “highlighted” in some way to be noticed. There could also be someone in the dream repeatedly speaking a series of numbers.
  8. Daily “Noticed” – This method involves making conscious thought to use numbers that are notice throughout one’s day. It could be telephone or street numbers, prices or sales prices on products, numbers on packaging, anything that catches the eye.
  9. Media Numbers – Watching a TV show, movie, news report, music and talk on the radio, reading books, newspapers, or magazines, can be a unique way of discovering numbers to play.
  10. Regular – And finally some players simply play the same set of numbers over and over again for each draw with the belief that eventually that combination of numbers will be lucky for them and will be pulled.

Which ones are best?

Remember that one particular method of choosing your lottery numbers has no advantage over any other as every single number has the exact same chance of probability of being selected during the draw. But that doesn’t make any difference for players and how they select. Whatever way you use to pick your lucky lottery numbers, if you are destined to win, then fate will shine your way.