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When it comes to feeling lucky, some Powerball players swear by the craziest items and subscribe to the wildest superstitions.

Millions of people around the world are fierce believers in luck, both good and bad varieties. And when the universe aligns in your favor, it might just be because you have a lucky item in your possession. So, for a game like Powerball, where millions of dollars are at stake, it’s no surprise to learn that Powerball players have some superstitions. Here are some of the crazy items Powerball players consider lucky, along with playing techniques they wholeheartedly believe improve their odds of winning.

1. Avoiding the Odds, According to Yin and Yang

By odds, we mean odd numbers. And in ancient Chinese customs, where the faithful belief in the balance of two principles, Yin and Yang, odd numbers are not favorable. Traditionally, the even numbers “belong” to humans while the odd numbers “belong” to the gods. There is a common superstition, wherever number plays are involved that selecting all odd numbers will anger the gods. So, you might find some Powerball players avoiding the odds in gameplay.

2. Four Leaf Clovers and Fuzzy-Headed Trolls

It’s not at all bizarre or unusual for people to find their good luck vibes from traditional, sometimes bizarre talismans. Four-leaf clovers, for example, have long been a sign of good fortunes to those who find and hold them. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find any bingo hall that doesn’t have players surrounded by their charming, fuzzy-headed troll dolls. For those Powerball players who already subscribe to these good luck tokens, they’ll often rub, consult, and carry these tokens when selecting their Powerball numbers.

3. Lucky Dice (From the Rearview Mirror)

It’s not uncommon for motorists to have talismans hanging from the rearview mirrors in their cars. And you’re likely familiar with the popular fuzzy dice memento. What you might not know about fuzzy dice is that for some individuals, it’s a matter of luck. And they go so far as to roll or rub those fuzzy dice for good luck whenever playing Powerball.

4. Lucky Rainbows and Found Coins

Some Powerball players believe that when they find a coin or any cash, it’s a sign the universe is aligning in their favor. That usually prompts them to rush out and buy a Powerball ticket. Rainbows are also considered lucky, despite their complete existence being rooted in science and weather. These signs can also be symbolic to the faithful, who firmly believe such signs are communications from their deities or passed loved ones. And any of these signs can prompt even non-players to buy Powerball tickets.

5. Lucky Horseshoes

Horseshoes are another common good luck charm for Powerball players and the superstitious, despite their intended function of protecting horses’ hooves. One historical legend cites beliefs that mystical fairies can’t touch the iron, which prompted early settlers to adorn their homes with shoes. Another legend tells the story of a blacksmith who combatted the devil by tacking a horseshoe to the evildoer’s foot. He only agreed to remove it if the devil agreed to stay away from any house with a horseshoe over the door. Whatever you believe about horseshoes, know there is a mystique and good fortune protection for many who believe and place their horseshoes above the door.

6. Other Lucky Critters

Whether it’s the rabbit foot keychain bringing good luck or the feng shui-inspired goldfish, animals have long since been associated with good fortune. In many cultures, these lucky critters still hold power today, providing many with the confidence they need to choose their Powerball numbers.

  • In Germany, pigs are considered lucky, often being shared as gifts among friends to bring luck in the New Year.
  • Turtles of all species are considered to be lucky for many because of their extended lifespans.
  • The swallow is associated with good deeds and prosperity to many in Korea.

What crazy or fun items do you believe bring you good luck? Whatever brings fun, confidence, and inspiration to your Powerball game, enjoy it!