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Winning The Lottery Can Make People Do Strange Things

A look at the strange things people do when they win the lottery

There have been many stories about what people have done with their lottery winnings that are a little odd or strange. Instead of paying off debts and living a comfortable lifestyle, these winners have used their money in other ways that may seem a bit odd, strange, or just plain weird.

Strange Stories from the Winners!

Jonathan Vargas was 19 years old when he won $35.3 million in 2008. So he took his millions and created a women’s wrestling TV show called Wrestlicious. Of course it only lasted one season because the premise featured scantily-clad women (surprise) performing sketch comedy while also trying to wrestle at the same time. Yeah, very weird.

Tony and Greta Dodd, were in their late 60s when they won over $3 million on a lottery. Greta, being a big fan of line dancing, used a portion of her winnings to pay for knee replacement surgery. Husband Tony also got a brand new set of knees! Yes, couple reportedly enjoyed a much more active lifestyle, and got in a lot of line dancing, after getting all four of their collective knees replaced.

Sarah Cockings was still a student when she won over $4.2 million. And what did she buy? New breasts for her sisters. Such a thoughtful young lady. And the husband of one couple spent over $30 million dollars to get his college band back together in order to release an album. Who knows if he made his money back on record sales.

Some winners have done even stranger things with their lottery winnings. Some have donated all their winnings to charity. Others have stashed their jackpots away and left their jackpots to their animals in their wills. How about building a home movie theatre with your winnings, but instead building an actual movie theatre in the middle of town as it sounded like a better idea. Oh yeah, why not spend all your winnings on one single solitary travel ticket for a short trip into space via a private space company? Or why pay for a space trip when you can buy your very own private jet and hire pilots to fly you around the world? Could be cheaper, too.

The Celebrations

The best way to celebrate your jackpot windfall? Throw party after party after party until your money is all gone. Great idea. Buy the most expensive smartphone, desktop and laptop gaming computers, newest tech gear, and other massively expensive electronic gadgets to show off to your social media friends that you are now more techy than they will ever be. Or even buy a new Porsche or Lamborghini and fly down the highway, knowing you can easily pay any speeding ticket you get.

Oh yes, people have done more than just getting things paid off and settling into a life of comfort. Some, either out of a plan of outrageous comedic display, or serious considerations of actions that can be put aside buy using their lottery money to pay for fines, just go super crazy when they suddenly win the lottery.

You better not go crazy with your millions if you win the lottery. As you can see, sometimes very odd purchases can be mistakes. Pay off debts, get into a comfortable life, and then you can buy a Sea Monkey kit or a Boston Dynamic robot that can not only fetch you your coffee, take the dog out for a walk, mow your lawn, but can also incinerate any intruders on your property.