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Playing Powerball is a great idea. But playing the Power Play feature, at least for these Powerball winners, was an even better idea.

Powerball is easy to play, no matter how you look at it. It’s easy to find and buy a ticket. You can pick your own specific numbers or have the machine randomly generate them for you. And there are more than a few combinations for winning.Additionally, to help players nationwide increase their payout prizes, there’s the Power Play feature. If you’re new to Power Play, keep reading. This is how the Power Play feature works, what you need to know, and some pretty incredible stories of Powerball winners who discovered just how great of an idea it was to play the Power Play.

1. Understanding the Power Play Basics

When you want to really increase the size of your potential Powerball prize, you ask for Power Play when you buy your ticket. For an extra buck, you can add this multiplier to any non-jackpot prizes. Imagine only matching a few numbers for a win that turned into thousands of dollars more with the two, three, four, five-, or ten-times Power Play multiplier. The multiplier is randomly selected right before each official drawing. So, if you want to add the Power Play to your next game, just ask for the Power Play when you buy and grab an extra dollar. For some of these Powerball winners, playing the Power Play feature was the greatest idea ever.

2. One Baltimore Powerball Winner Doubled Her Prize

Mona popped into her local Harford County gas station called the Hanson Mystic. She played her personally chosen set of numbers to play Powerball while she was there, only this time, she said, “make it a Power Play.” The 41-year-old Maryland woman was ecstatic to learn she managed to match four white balls and the Powerball, earning a $50,000 prize. But you can imagine her absolute surprise when she realized her Power Play had doubled that non-jackpot prize, meaning she took home $100,000.

3. A Nashville Couple Quadrupled Their Powerball Prize

When Alvin and Lynn Wilbanks found out they had matched the first five white balls with their Powerball ticket, they were over the moon excited. The Nashville couple were self-proclaimed Power Play enthusiasts and knew they were in for more than a traditional prize win for matching some of the chosen numbers. Their string of matches would normally net a $100,000 prize. But in a record-breaking feat, the multiplier drawn happened to be a four, turning that $100,000 purse into a $400,000 win. At that time, the Wilbanks’ Powerball prize had them ranked as the second-highest Powerball winners in the state. Alvin and Lynn already had their sizable prize allocated, too. Lynn is quoted as saying, “we’ll be writing a check to our mortgage company first thing tomorrow.” They also planned to buy a new vehicle and invest the remaining funds for their four children to go to college.

4. Two Anonymous Power Play Winners Already This Year

In some cases, Powerball winners elect to remain anonymous. But there have been plenty of those anonymously collected prizes that had been doubled, tripled, or quadrupled by the Power Play multiplier, too. Just recently, two Powerball winners claimed their third-tier cash, with the Power Play feature added for the drawing. And there were six other two-tiered wins that hadn’t opted for the Power Play.

When you buy your Powerball ticket, spring for the extra dollar and ask for the Power Play. It makes the anticipation and fun that much more exciting. And if you do manage to match even a few numbers, you’ll get a chance to multiply that prize for an even bigger payout. And who wouldn’t want a chance to, at the very least, double their Powerball take-home prize?