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What Does A Lottery Retailer Do

Lottery retailers play an important part in the process

We really don’t think much about the lottery retailer that we buy our tickets from. We know that they sell lottery tickets, check and redeem small prizes, and validate larger prizes for collection at the lottery office. But what else are lottery retailers doing on a day to day basis?

The job of a lottery retailer

Well, they must comply with all gaming operator rules. For instance, they need to ensure that they are not selling or redeeming tickets for anyone under the age of majority be it 18, 19, or 21 years of age or older, and have an obligation to ask for ID from any customer who may look younger. At the same time, they must, as representatives of the lottery operator, treat all customers equally in fairness, courteousness, and honesty without exception.

Retailers are required to make sure that all operator promotional material is placed around the retail area and is visible to anyone walking by to not only promote the lottery and the various games but also to let customers know that a lottery retailer is at that location, such as in a store or a gas station retail area. At the terminal or kiosk they also have to ensure that they have the game rules, game info such as prize details, and draw results visible to customers, so that customers can easily see what the current jackpots are and can make an immediate decision to purchase tickets.

Retailers are responsible in making sure that they and all of their staff are not only properly licenced to work for the retailers, but that they are fully trained in not only how each game is played, but also in the selling, validating, redeeming, and cancelling of lottery tickets, how to use the retailer lottery terminals, dispensers, and kiosks properly, the current jackpot for each type of game offered,.and how to screen for valid ID presented by customers.

They must also maintain the kiosk or retail area in a clean, tidy, and aesthetically appealing manner, and that all literature holders are well stocked and selections slips and pencils are always available for customers. And retailers are not allowed to purchase, validate, or redeem their own personal lottery tickets at the retail location where they sell, handle, and redeem lottery products.

For all of this responsibility, retailers are paid a commission, which varies per jurisdiction but may average around five percent, for each draw and scratch ticket sold. So the self promotion of the retailer is just as important as the marketing for the lottery itself.

Lottery retailers are the go between for the gaming public and the lottery operator. They are responsible for selling tickets, checking and validating winning tickets, and paying out smaller wins. And although online lottery ticket purchases are increasing everyday, physical lottery retailers are finding their customer base just as strong as ever.

And with everything else lottery retailers are required to do than just sell lottery tickets, they are busy every day with many tasks that are unseen by the gaming public. So the next time you visit a lottery retailer, remember everything that the retailer and their staff have to do to service you in whatever lottery product you need.