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Where do all the lottery winnings go?

Yeah, all that money that you just won on the lottery is yours, all yours (evil laugh) HAHAHAHAHHA! It belongs to no one else, just little old you. So as you hold your winnings close to your chest and shift your eyes back and forth to protect it all, you are sort of doing the right thing. But damn it! Fear be real! Win the lottery and everyone wants to get a cut of it!

Do you owe anyone anything?

Yes every relative you have known, and all that you never did, will come out to congratulate you and heap praise on you, all the while secretly thinking about how much money you are going to give them. After all, you have to take care of the ones who love you, right? They deserve if for being there for you in your worst times. Or so they think in their own little greedy heads.

What they don’t want to acknowledge is that every single cent you earn or win is YOUR money and yours alone. If you are married, the money is considered to be both your and your spouse’s, but otherwise it is all yours. Nobody else has claim to it and there are no obligations to part with one red cent

Regardless of your mother, father, brother, sister, child, cousin, aunt, uncle, or some relative you never knew existed being happy for you, they are still going to expect you to dish out some money to them. You’ve just won millions of dollar so obviously you can afford to help everyone out. Along with their own self interests, they don’t even think that you too need the money to help yourself out.

You don’t owe any of them any of your lottery winnings. Whether you want to keep every cent to yourself or dole it out, it is your decision to make, no one else’s. So when you win those millions, you need to be prepared for all the vultures and unappreciative people who will surround you with their “love.” For instance:
• The more you win, the more money people expect to get. That’s right. If you win a million dollars, they will expect to get tens of thousands. If you win one hundred million dollars, they will expect to get a few million.
• They will always feel offended by the amount, if any, you give them. In their minds they will say, “You won ALL that money and you are ONLY giving me this? You cheap piece of…” They will feel ripped off or very offended.
• If you don’t give them anything at all then they will think of you as a person who is now a stuck up typical rich a—hole with their nose high in the air looking down at the “peons” that you think they are.

So? Too bad for them. Your lottery win is your own ticket to improving your life, not anyone else’s. You can spend it or give it away any way you wish. You can help out charities, blow it all on toys, take trips, hoard it all for yourself, or buy a business. They don’t need to receive anything if you don’t want to give them anything.

And if you do happen in the grace of your heart to share your good fortune with family members or friends, make sure you choose the lucky ones who are genuinely going to be appreciative of whatever amount they get, and not the ones who will feel insulted or complain about your “piddly pathetically small token of false love.”

Forget about them. They weren’t really your close family members or friends in the first place. Your lottery millions are yours to enjoy in any way you deem important to you. If you want to share your good fortune, then by all means do so. But if you don’t, never be afraid to say “NO!”